Collaboration And Passion To Improve Pine Mountain Club Real Estate! A Happy Sign Of Growth

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Here's an image of our meeting with the Pine Mountain Club, General Manager.

When it comes to real estate in Pine Mountain Club (PMC), staying informed about market dynamics and trends is crucial for both homeowners and prospective buyers. In our pursuit of understanding the current PMC real estate landscape, we recently had the opportunity to meet with Todd Greison, the General Manager of the Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association (POA). Our discussion took place at the Clubhouse, where Todd shared his insights and expertise with us.

The Meeting: A Valuable Exchange of Insights

During the meeting, it became clear that our role as realtors extended beyond just gaining insights; we also provided a wealth of knowledge to Todd. As he collaborates with the board to foster positive change in the Pine Mountain Club real estate market, our contributions were instrumental. We shared our extensive experience and understanding of the PMC market, offering valuable perspectives that can drive meaningful improvements.

Insights into the PMC Real Estate Market

Todd brought a wealth of knowledge to our meeting, coupled with exceptional leadership and communication skills. Together, we delved into some of the hottest real estate topics in PMC. Notably, the conversation included the recent debate over the short-term rental ban—a topic of great significance in PMC’s real estate market.

Strengthening the Relationship Between POA and PMC Members

During our meeting, Todd expressed a genuine concern for individuals who are buying property and relocating to PMCon a weekly basis. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that newcomers have a positive experience when they choose to make PMC their home. Equally crucial was our shared goal of maintaining the value of our PMC community, both for current homeowners and those who visit us for their vacations.

Productive Conversations and Growth Prospects in Pine Mountain Club

Our discussions proved to be highly productive, with talks of potential growth on the horizon. Pine Mountain Club is a community with significant growth potential, and it’s heartening to see that stakeholders like Todd and the POA are actively considering strategies to foster growth while preserving the unique charm of PMC.

A Grateful Pine Mountain Club Community

As members of the PMC community, we are deeply appreciative of Todd Greison and the POA for their commitment to creating forums like the one we recently attended. These gatherings play a pivotal role in ensuring that our Pine Mountain Club real estate market remains healthy and continues to grow for the benefit of homeowners and the broader Pine Mountain Club community.

In conclusion, our meeting with Todd Greison was a collaborative effort aimed at fostering positive change in PMC real estate. We provided valuable insights as realtors, and together with Todd and the POA, we are optimistic about the future of PMC. We are thankful for the dedicated efforts of individuals like Todd and organizations like the POA in shaping the Pine Mountain Club community’s future.

Stay tuned for more updates on PMC real estate, as we continue to explore the vibrant and dynamic market in this picturesque Pine Mountain Club community.

This is a picture of us finishing our roundtable with the general manager of the Pine Mountain Club, Association.

[Update 9/12/2023]

Here’s a recent email sent to our Pine Mountain Club members regarding the boards plans on the STR rules:

The changes to Article 22 Rule 22.03 involving the limitations of operating short-term rentals were approved by the board on October 16, 2021.  The petition-author(s) wrongly interpret Civil Code 4741 contrary to section (f) regarding three legislative options to “do nothing,” “remove STR’s from the community,” and having only a cap of 25%.  The law required a change to the governing documents (which occurred), removing STR’s from the community is not an option (and did not occur), and a 25% cap is an option. 
Regarding the STR rules, directors have been discussing the past two months amending this rule to consider a 25% option.  They are researching how a 25% option would be implemented with respect to current owners and new owners if a 25% cap is approved.  The current rules cannot be removed without a replacement rule that complies with Civil Code 4741.  Members do not amend rules per CC&R 1.02 and Bylaw 9.0

Bill Lewis II
PMCPOA Chairman

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